Don’t let this pandemic stop you from pursuing a degree in a top-ranked Australian university. With RMIT University’s Dual Campus Program, there is no need for you to delay pursuing your Australian degree until Australia’s borders re-open. You may start studying NOW in RMIT Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam campus for one year, and finish your degree in Melbourne, Australia after.

The Dual Campus Program is especially designed for students having difficulties acquiring an Australian student visa and who wish to save on tuition and fees for one year. By studying at the RMIT Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Campus, students get to enjoy the same quality of Australian education, campus facilities, and accommodations. All credits taken by students in the Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Campus shall be counted towards the completion of their chosen degree.

RMIT University is a prestigious global top 1% university in Melbourne, Australia. It offers a wide array of specialties such as in business, IT, communications, fashion, and hospitality. With an RMIT degree, you are assured of a globally recognized degree from the world’s most popular destination for international students.


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Published On: November 9th, 2020 / Categories: Study to Migrate, Study to Migrate Australia /

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